Sunday, February 9, 2020

Health and social care Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Health and social care - Assignment Example The policy also focuses on restricting the supply of drugs and imposing restriction on the people who are engaged in drugs trade activities. The Care Standard Act 200 imposed for providing assistance to the children by reducing the irregularity and unfairness. Various facilities residential care homes, nursing homes and children homes for development of health of the children. The main aim of this standard is to enhance the health of the children. This act covers a wide perspective such as parental responsibility, protection of child etc. This act imposes duty and responsibility on wide number of individuals or organizations for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of the children (Waller, 2009). The main role or the responsibility of the work force development is to assist the volunteers, staff and the trustees by performing the function as an individual or in team and thus assisting them to develop and improve their skills , creativity , understanding and knowledge in performing the work effectively and efficiently towards the achievement of the goals and objectives. It also helps in improving the delivery of services. The term children workforce is considered as a narrow perspective for discussing and determining whether the work is paid or unpaid. The workforce development mainly comprises of recruiting, retaining and developing of the volunteers and staff for achieving the objectives and goals set by the organization. Training, induction, qualification, appraisals, monitoring, supervision and reading together contributes towards the workforce development. Work force development strives towards providing better service to the individuals and the communities who are invol ved. It fulfils the expectation of the funders in terms of improving the effectiveness and quality. It provides better opportunities to its employees for personal growth and development. Therefore it plays an important role and the people in various areas of workforce are

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